Think Globally,
Act Locally.

Cisalpina Tours is the leading Italian travel management company for business travel. Operating in the market for over 50 years, it is now one of the most significant players in the industry in terms of size, revenue, territorial coverage, and services offered. The company boasts proven international experience and an impressive corporate client portfolio of 800 major national and global corporations. Since 2022, Cisalpina Tours has embarked on an international expansion plan, which includes the opening of foreign offices in Turkey (Izmir), the United States, South America, South Africa, and Europe, with a medium-term perspective. 

It is 100% owned by MSC Cruises, the leading European operator in the cruise travel sector and the third-largest private cruise brand worldwide.

MSC’s acquisition has initiated a new phase of growth and renewal for the group, with the aim of developing innovative solutions in business travel management. 

Cisalpina Tours has adopted the philosophy of “Think Globally, Act Locally”, which, thanks to the synergies within the MSC group, the world’s leading player in commercial maritime transport, enables them to serve multinational companies and global organizations of all sizes and complexities with the highest levels of excellence. 

Throughout its successful history, Cisalpina Tours has stood out in the market for being an efficient, innovative, and technology-driven travel management company, capable of tailoring its approach to meet customer needs, identifying the best solutions promptly, and prioritizing quality. 

Our offices

Cisalpina Tours is present in Italy with 7 strategically located Business Travel Service Centers across the country. Here are our locations: 

  • Rosta (Torino) 
  • Milano 
  • Roma 
  • Padova 
  • Napoli 
  • Bolzano 
  • Rimini 

Our presence in the territory allows us to preside over key strategic sectors of the travel market.

Cisalpina Tours’ large customer base accounts for the considerable diversity of the types of business we handle, allowing us to offer the widest range of market analytics and benchmarks. Our professional travel consultancy is provided to manufacturing enterprises, service providers, private companies as well as public institutions.
Cisalpina Tours has a long-term experience in travel services and is technologically suited to assist and support business travellers’ needs wherever they are.

Our wide network allows us to offer travel solutions to customers having a strong international presence and conducting business in other markets.

Our activity

Our commitment to our clients is to implement and enhance strategies and Travel Policies to reduce expenses related to business trips while ensuring the safety and quality of the travels themselves. We operate with a global approach to managing business travel, which extends to Corporate Social Responsibility and the concept of integrated mobility, enabling the combination of necessary means to bring travelers from their starting point to their desired destination. This commitment is primarily expressed through four guiding principles:

Flexibility and Quality

What defines us is our constant high level of flexibility and quality of customer service which is delivered in total compliance with the company travel policy.

Strategic Consulting

We offer strategic consultancy and problem solving, aiming to excellence in terms of proactive service, with a deep sense of responsibility towards stakeholders.

Technology support

Our cutting-edge technological support is applied throughout the booking process, to take the full advantage of cost-cutting in a timely manner.

Green Vision

A green and sustainable vision that is not only social, but also environmental: we provide our clients with solid tools for CO2 calculations, as well as with the generation of a BMR (Business Management Report).

The strength of a large and established organization

Cisalpina Tours is part of the Bluvacanze Group, one of the largest and most significant Italian tourism companies, wholly owned by MSC Cruises, itself a part of MSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company. 

They offer comprehensive travel services and have been accompanying their clients in their travel plans and holiday experiences for over 45 years. They own well-known Italian brands in the leisure industry such as Bluvacanze, Vivere & Viaggiare, Blunet, the tour operator Going, and, as already highlighted, Cisalpina Tours, the leading Italian company in business travel management. 

The Bluvacanze Group comprises the travel agencies Bluvacanze and Vivere&Viaggiare, with a network of 285 associated travel agencies. In addition to these, approximately 615 agencies are part of Blunet, the innovative affiliation network. 

Going is the Group’s in-house tour operator with 40 years of established experience, industry recognition, and a customer satisfaction rate exceeding 90%. Going designs unique travel experiences for discerning travelers eager to explore, live, and savor every moment of their journey. The goal is to amaze customers with tailor-made trips to over 100 destinations worldwide. 

Financial Statement

We believe in creating long-term value for our shareholders, customers and suppliers.
We are reliable and conduct our business with the highest standard of transparency, respecting the principles of a sound and a strictly compliant financial management company.