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Cisalpina Tours provides the most convenient solutions in terms of cost optimization, traveller’s satisfaction and reporting in order to support our corporate client’s decisions.Such capability, which is put at the service of all our customers and is supported by our extensive knowledge of the travel sector, on a continuous in-depth analysis of the market offers and on a constant comparison of their advantages and disadvantages. The Account Managers of Cisalpina Tours help you better manage your Travel Program, enabling you to reach your goals at the highest level.

Account Manager

The Account Manager of Cisalpina Tours aims to strengthen his/her Corporate Clients’ relationship as well as attending to and satisfying all their travel needs in the management of their travel programs.

This means being able to work with our client in clearly shaping up the service through the identification of their goals. This will be achieved by leveraging our experience to tailor solutions and service capabilities designed to meet the client’s needs.

Our consulting service is carried out following precise guidelines and activities specifically prepared for our corporate clients’ goals:

  • streamlining internal processes, with particular attention to the authorization flows required for the business trips;
  • accurate definition of the actions needed to achieve significant savings in business travel expenses;
  • raising awareness on the environmental impacts generated by corporate travel.

It is this possible to effectively control and manage all the travel procedures, raise awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility, monitor the progress of any preferential agreements with final suppliers (airlines, hotels, trains, car rental companies and other suppliers).

Our Sales & Account Manager (SAM) have an extensive knowledge of travel programs, allowing them to performin-depth analysis on data and trends, as well as coordinate all commercial and financial aspects of the relationship with corporate customers. They are well suited for helping our corporate customers achieve their goals.

Travel Policy

An effective Travel Management service comes from a clear Travel Policy designed expressly to meet the company’s business travel needs and customized on their travellers, their usual destinations and transport used.
Cisalpina Tours’ project approach is key to designing an effective travel policy:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Sharing
  • implementation
  • Communication
  • Control

The goal we set ourselves is to provide business travellers with a consistent, organized and effective approach to business travel, while facilitating the work of reporting and supervising spending in the company.

Change Management

Cisalpina Tours designs projects of Change Management with the purpose of improving the adoption rate of Online Booking Tools.

The project of Change Management involves following steps:

  • Creation of a Change Management Program and the related communication plan
  • Building up a strong awareness through word-of-mouth
  • Motivating staff involvement
  • Extensive training on new processes
  • Initial measurement of the adoption of the Company’s new applications
  • Releases and adjustments according to the first data available


The business travel market is highly dynamic and marked by rapidly changing times. In this constantly evolving situation, companies must improve efficiency in order to be competitive. They need to know how to seize and manage new opportunities as well as develop the strategies allowing them to grow in an increasingly difficult market.

This knowledge is not inherent, nor is it acquired through practice alone: it is useful to learn by doing, but if there is someone who explains what to do, how to do it and with what results, you will learn better and faster.

In this perspective, even business travel training is not a choice, but it is a must for anyone who wants to successfully face new challenges.
Cisalpina Tours has developed a comprehensive training program with the purpose of meeting the specific training needs of our clients’ staff; this program is specifically designed for the different staff roles involved in the process relating to travel management, such as travellers, Travel Managers, secretarial offices in charge of collecting booking requests.

Cisalpina Tours staff is also regularly updated through internal, face-to-face and online training courses. The first objective is to update and upgrade the wealth of professional know-how of our operators. The quality of their daily work largely benefits from our constant training activities. The second objective, equally important, is to monitor the capability, the flexibility and the potentiality of the staff themselves, for the purposes of their internal growth.

Our constant and seamless analysis on training has led to the creation of a team specialized in teaching and in-depth study of business travel processes, who often have been invited to to participate in several external training events, thus contributing to the benefit of the outside world.


We continue to invest in policies of environmental development in order to consistently pursue a cutting-edge green policy.

Cisalpina Tours wants to invest in the environment and be always committed to the founding principles of care and respect for the future of the Earth: environmental protection, awareness about the use of the planet’s resources, respect for future generations. This is why we intend to carry out an environmental program oriented towards these objectives.

To this end, since 2012 we have created a specific division called Cisalpina Green which offers solutions in the field of sustainable mobility. The internal division includes highly trained professionals, expert on sustainability issues, who will be able to examine and identify the regulatory requirements within the framework of the environmental legislation.

The Green division for the corporate world evaluates the customer’s performance and their environmental impacts, identifying the most sustainable processes and providing any viable greener alternatives. Additionally, our company offers support to the drafting of the documentation relating to environmental issues, as well as to the implementation and control of sustainable policy programs


Air Management

Cisalpina Tours negotiates best fares and services with all major airlines: preferred conditions, promotions, discounts and special rates. Air travel is a constantly changing market and precisely for this, our experts are committed to delivering the optimization of your air spending by constantly checking the best opportunities available.

CisalpinaTours highly skilled operators are constantly monitoring airline airfare agreements to ensure cost control, in line with the company’s travel policy and with the achievement of their objectives. Additionally, Cisalpina Tours Sales & Account Managers provide advice on the savings performance by monitoring the company’s trends towards the target agreements with airlines.


Teamwork leads to valuable results.

Our Marketing Information Analysis is shared and reviewed with our customers for best-practice policies to follow. We provide the most extensive data information, ranging from built-in templates to downloadable data files that can be managed according to your needs. Cisalpina Tours has the widest customer base in Italy, which accounts for our comprehensive range of reports, benchmark analyses and ad-hoc simulation studies for the companies’ travel policies.

Hotel Management

Throughout the year, close contact is maintained with hundreds of hotels to ensure our clients receive the best negotiated rates and benefits. We ensure that our customers can benefit from our unparalleled expertise in combining our negotiated rates and direct agreements with the aim of providing you with the best conditions available on the market. Our offer is complemented by a list of worldwide hotel solutions developed by our international partners.

Travel expenditures represent a major cost for companies. Our travel managers are constantly monitoring prices in order to keep costs under control, while preserving the quality of the service and comfort for corporate travellers at the same time. Accommodation costs are one of the most relevant items in Business Travel budgets, accounting for 30-40% of the total travel spending and second only to air tickets. Significant savings can be achieved by optimizing hotel bookings through targeted strategies.

The hotel pricing offer is extremely fragmented and official rates are a mere indicator, given the wide range of preferential conditions and different promotions (weekend rates, seasonal discounts, promotional packages and others). The complexity of hotel rates and services are best handled by our qualified managers who are well versed in negotiating for the most suitable rates.

In this evolving scenario, CisalpinaTours is best suited to:

  • Providing guidance in selecting the best hotel rate offers.
  • Leveraging our buying power with hotels and services.
  • Providing spending analysis.
  • Customizing best-practice strategies.
  • Cost control.
  • Obtaining best service.

Hotel Program

A web-based tool, very user-friendly, providing safe and protected information through the use of a username and a password.

Our users are able to gain access to the entire Cisalpina Tours’ Hotel Program and select their choice on the basis of specific search criteria (country, city, area, price and more).

  • 1.000 Hotel accommodation facilities in Italy
  • 30.000 worldwide hotel
  • Savings of up to 40% on official rates

Car Management

We help you selecting the option that best meets your needs. We provide constant monitoring for best car-rental rates and services at the best rates on the market.

CisalpinaTours has negotiated long-term relationships with all major car-rental companies providing our corporate clients with the best rates and services. with the best rates and services.

Cisalpina Tours helps corporate clients find the most suitable solution at the best conditions available, always keeping an eye on the booking, so as to take any opportunity of improvement on services and costs, potentially made available by suppliers.


BI & Reporting

BI & Report

Cisalpina Tours has implemented a new Business Intelligence platform: “Cisalpina ToursInfoBlu”, which will enable the Travel Managers as well as the Company’s Management to have access to a high-performance tool for business travel data analysis.

The very definition of “Business Travel” suggests that we are dealing with travel but also with business in more general terms and therefore it requires business intelligence actions like any source of substantial investments in a corporation. The correct planning and management of Business Travel are key elements for the quality control of the work delivered, therefore they need to be carefully monitored.

As a consequence, it is necessary to take into account the details of all the activities involved when implementing projects of business intelligence and the impact of any change on the Travel Policy as a whole must be anticipated and considered. The goal, of course, is a continuous improvement.

If the analysis of the data supports the opportunity for a change in policy, the reporting must give clear evidence of the reasons that led to this choice, with all the pros and cons examined.

In this way, a case-history will be recorded that can be taken into due account and have a positive influence int the future decision-making flow.

It is this possible to effectively control and manage all the travel procedures, raise awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility, monitor the progress of any preferential agreements with final suppliers (airlines, hotels, trains, car rental companies and other suppliers).

On the basis of these considerations, Cisalpina Tours has created a platform entirely based on QlikSense technology – which processes any available data, in any format, and brings a wide range of new functionalities to the Business Intelligence, offering a level of analysis, information and value that are completely new for existing data stores. Its clear, simple and linear user-interface and its accessible Web interface allow you to:

  • perform “free” analysis, without restrictions on data dimensions, by creating tables, graphs and pivots
  • consult dynamic reports, which can be further customized using filters and drill-downs
  • produce static reports, in XLS and PDF format.

A dedicated team of three resources of Cisalpina Tours Information Systems take care of the maintenance and evolution of the platform, as well as the implementation of all the required analysis and / or reports.

Cisalpina Tours Business Management Review (BMR)

Cisalpina BMR is a collection of customized analytics managed by your dedicated Account Manager: a solid, in-depth, comprehensive tool, supported by intuitive graphics, offering a timely and accurate picture of corporate mobility Cisalpina BMR is an effective support for the preparation of your business plans aimed at keeping costs under control as well as improving corporate travellers’ purchasing behaviour.


QlikSense Reporting

QlikSense is a Business Intelligence Platform with interactive dashboards and reports that can be customized for each Client and updated up to 24 hours prior to request. Thanks to this reporting system, Cisalpina Tours guarantees the availability of travel information on a monthly basis, both in summary and analytical terms, as well as the possibility of carrying out ad-hoc reports. The archive of reports has no time limits, therefore the customer can access all the reports produced by Cisalpina Tours at any time, starting from the beginning of the contract. Two reporting functions are available through the Cisalpina Travel Portal service portal:

  • Statistical reports enabling our clients to consult and / or download the reports already available on their laptops.
  • Dynamic analysis allowing our clients to gain direct access to the Cisalpina Tours Business Intelligence platform in a dynamic form, without pre-defined restrictions.

Happy Traveller Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying customer requests in the best possible way is our primary goal, which we carry out through dialogue and constant communication with our travellers. The importance of customer satisfaction must consider the progressive increase in competitive pressure and the evolving dynamics of the growing demand for sophisticated products and services in terms of quality, as well as the need for integration of increasingly diversified travel needs. Having analyzed this market scenario, at Cisalpina Tours we have developed a constant and accurate monitoring program able to assess the level and the quality of the services offered.

Happy Traveller and Happy Travel Manager are customer satisfaction programs focused on measuring Travel Happiness, in line with our “Business with Smile” philosophy: after each trip, a feedback is requested from travellers and travel managers, with questions relating to the organizational aspects of their travel experience as well as to the quality of transport and services delivered. The result outlines the level of satisfaction of the traveller and of the travel managers: this helps us monitor and maintain excellent standards of service and intervene promptly in critical situations.