Duty Travel - on trip

We work with people and for the people. Our commitment is oriented towards our capacity to relate, keeping an accurate and customized service logic that is really close to the customer, both in terms of place and time, 24 hours a day, in Italian and English.

7 Business Travel Center

Our customer service comes from our innate capacity to relate. We have 7 Business Travel Centers in Italy (Rosta (Turin), Milan, Rome, Naples, Rimini (Adriatic Coast), Bozen and Padua), with over 500 employees. Our staff has the highest standards of performance: 95% of telephone responses are made within 30 seconds, achieving a 90% level of satisfaction by our customers.

In order to provide a high level service, the operators are divided into working groups, so that the client can rely on a group of well-known consultants who are focused his needs. The goal of the division into teams is to achieve the operators’ greater involvement, to the benefit of the quality in the service delivered. We make sure that our operators are professional, accurate, cost-sensitive, focused on the Travel Policy, always available and proactive and that they deliver well beyond the service standards of the market average.

VIP Service

A dedicated team, with an average experience in Business Travel of at least 14 years, can be reached by telephone and email address on every day of the year.

The VIP service aims to increase the satisfaction of VIP Management,through an ongoing monitoring of our customers’ trips and a timely information to VIP travellers in case of disruptions. Our operators take care of any need of our VIP’s travellers, including their families when travelling together. We manage every detail from reconfirmation of all services 24 hours before departure until the end of the trip..

Cisalpina Tours Emergency Service

An unexpected event, by its very nature, cannot be anticipated. But this does not mean that we allow our customers’ business trips to be ruined.

The Emergency Service of Cisalpina Tours guarantees an immediate response to the needs and requests of our business customers, wherever they are in the world, at any time.

Outside office hours, Cisalpina Tours provides its 24/7 Emergency Service, because we believe that the assistance to our travellers must be covered without any interruption.

The 24-hour service draws strength from a streamline arrangement of the entire system: our staff is properly prepared to receive and manage our customers’s request of changes at any level and at any time: a seamless assistance designed to keep everything under control, both day and night.


Cisalpina Tours takes care of the fulfillment of visa application procedures and work permits for the foreign travel of Italian and international citizens or customers’ guests.

Cisalpina guarantees full support in creating flight plans and invitation letters for visa applications.

Additionally, we improve the Travel Experience of our customers by providing a full Insurance service covering every aspect and need of the traveller.

Airport Parking

Cisalpina Tours has signed preferential agreements with the main Italian airports to offer the best conditions and the highest value-added services for its customers. At the car parks of the airports of Turin, Rome, Milan Linate and Malpensa, Orio al Serio, Bologna, Verona and Naples, it is now possible to park directly at the airport at preferential rates and conditions. Cisalpina Tours’ agreements ensure greater speed, affordability and ease for customers who need parking services at the airport such as:

  • Parking in restricted areas
  • Preferential rates available all year round
  • Conditions for short stays and long stays
  • Video surveillance services
  • Preferential access to the lounges * (Contact Cisalpina Tours team to find out more about the facilities that offer this service)

Alerts & Newsletters

Our timely newsletters provide useful information on market trends, special offers,
and updates which may useful for upcoming trips.

Good to Know

This channel provides access for anyone wishing to be informed on travel information and to be regularly updated on strikes.

Power to Share

Our Power to Share provides timely updates on latest market trends, new services and best solutions for Business Travel.

Alert and Safety

A useful tool accessing helpful information on upcoming travel.




Cisalpina Tours is the first company within the Italian business travel companies to have developed a welfare platform dedicated to corporates. Bluwelfare enables our corporate customers to foster the individual well-being of their employees and allows them to turn welfare into a service with a highly valued reputation.

Our technological platform is accessible from any device. It is white-labeled and therefore customizable for any customer. Corporate employees can choose their benefits from the travel services available within BluWelfare platform, ranging from travel packages and travel gift boxes to the dynamic hotel proposals coming from Going’s platform (the tour operator of Bluvacanze Group).


By accessing the reserved area, the corporate employee can request a voucher, which can be utilized immediately in over 320 Bluvacanze and Vivere & Viaggiare travel agencies, thus finalizing the booking of the service selected.

Multiple benefits are therefore available for the parties involved, such as an increase in purchasing power by the employee which does not affect the cost to the company. In this way, the worker receives a higher value than a cash bonus would allow, thanks to the exemption from the tax contribution on goods and services. From social security to health, from transport to recreational services, the worker can benefit from several choices, enabling him to balance his work-life balance in the best possible way.

Leisure agreements

Cisalpina Tours can offer a full range of services aimed at meeting the needs of the people-oriented corporate companies, focused on their employees’ well-being. To this end we offer agreements with the best tour operators, with constantly updated travel offers and dedicated discounts. Cisalpina Tours provides a 24-hour call center, allowing employees of corporate customers to book hundreds of travel offers, MSC cruises, study vacation programs around the world as well as tailor-made trips for groups of employees with exclusive quotations.


The union between work (business) and free time (leisure) has generated a new type of travel called Bleisure. In recent years, we have seen an important change not only in the business traveller’s arrangements but also in their priorities: today’s travellers want to blend their business travel and private life.

Even during a trip including meetings and business gatherings, it is possible to carve out some space to enjoy the city where you are staying. As Cisalpina, we are working with our corporate customers to implement a more flexible “total cost” travel policy, which may include the possibility of staying at destination a few more days and offering less expensive air fares.

Being part of the Bluvacanze Group, Cisalpina Tours can rely on a network of over 700 travel agencies with the brand Blunet, Bluvacanze and Vivere & Viaggiare. Thanks to our history, Bluvacanze Group can claim to be the only tourist distribution brand recognized on the market by the final consumer, offering preferential conditions to Cisalpina Tours’ customers.