Code of Ethics

Our company is built on solid pillars of fairness and integrity. The Code of Ethics has been implemented with the aim of ensuring that these values ​​are respected in the management of our business and company activities. Our Code of Ethics reflects the commitments and responsibilities of Cisalpina Tours: its observance is essential in the workplace as well as in our activities towards customers and suppliers. Trust, transparency, fairness and credibility are fundamental and essential values: through this document we confirm our commitment and our ethical responsibilities in order to promote a relationship of respect and trust with all our stakeholders with the purpose of generating the greatest possible value for all parties involved.


Cisalpina Tours stays focused on the quality of the service in a structural way: a designated team has been appointed to constantly oversee the quality standards of the service carried out by the different departments at all levels. To this end, we have created a technological system capable of controlling the different KPIs, through the use of passive tools (waiting list clearance, seat checker, fare finder) and active tools (Cisa Pop Up, reports of unused tickets, checker tools monitoring the difference between regular list rates and the rates actually applied.

Our Quality Managers are in charge of our staff’s training needs. They provide full support to our operators. They plan and arrange regular checks to ensure the compliance of the operators’ activities to the standards of our quality management system. Finally, they are responsible for setting up the standards of the periodic reviews conducted by Quality Control.

Green Vision

We are actively engaged in protecting the environment. We adopt sustainable business methods aimed at minimizing the impact on climate and on the natural resources.
At Cisalpina we invest in the environment with the desire to be a company whose organization is fully committed to the core values and principles for the future of the Earth: environmental protection and awareness of the use of our planet’s resources, with respect for future generations.
This commitment allowed us to obtain a major achievement in July 2012: our registered office in Rosta (TO) was awarded the international certification ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems – which sets out the requirements and international standards for a correct environmental policy within corporate organizations. The purpose of this important certification is identifying and preventing environmental risks, reducing costs related to energy consumption, minimizing the waste of resources and starting a process of constant improvement of environmental performance.

In Italy Cisalpina Tours has fostered a new approach to planning and managing business travel. The basic idea is simple: being sustainable with the aim of helping customers be sustainable for their part, through the adoption of tailor-made solutions specifically designed for any single situation and need. Our aim is to continuously strengthen our leadership in the market as a Green Travel Management Company, providing our customers with the most options of solid solutions and tools to make their business trips sustainable.

Green travel management process

Cisalpina Tours has identified five essential steps for the implementation of an effective Green Travel Management process:

  1. Planning sustainabiility
  2. Building business trips in a sustainable way
  3. Carefully selecting our travel suppliers
  4. Analizing and reporting
  5. Offsetting

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through this document we aim at clearly and transparently conveying our sensitivity and closeness to sustainability issues. We started from our core values by paving the way up to the strategies and finally reaching the best solutions. The document is divided into three sections, the fundamental pillars for the pursuit of a Sustainable Development Policy: Corporate Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability.

For each area we have defined the objectives, the intentions and the actions that have been undertaken in the pursuit of a constant and seamless improvement. This approach exemplifies our desire to develop and spread a rich culture of sustainability, intended as a new way of doing business: a sustainable business approach capable of generating revenues by reconciling economic and ethical-social objectives.

Cisalpina Tours CSR - Download the complete document

Until a few years ago, the world of business travel widely believed that the attention to the environmental impact of travel was only a matter of Corporate Social Responsibility. This widespread belief led to the disconnection of the environmental impacts from the business model and market expectations. Cisalpina Tours has always strategically contributed to change this perspective to safeguard the environment by adopting sustainable business methods aimed at minimizing the impact on the climate and natural resources.

What moves us is a simple idea: being sustainable and helping our customers be sustainable for their part through tailor-made solutions specifically designed for individual situations and needs. We believe it is essential that we direct our growth models towards environmental compatibility and sustainability, preserving the health of our collaborators, customers and, above all, the community as a whole.

Environmental Policy

Our Company maintains it is essential that our growth model be inspired to environmental compatibility and sustainability, while respecting the health of our employees and more generally of the Community as a whole.
We believe that the achievement and maintenance of this prestigious objective represents an opportunity to improve the overall operations of the entire company’s systems.

In keeping with the policies that Cisalpina has always supported, Cisalpina Tours S.p.A. firmly believes that its environmental policy should be aimed to a constant reduction of the direct and indirect effects of its activities on the surrounding environment, in addition to a strict compliance to the EU regulations and to the laws on the subject, at the National, Regional and local Levels.

Based on the assessments of the direct and indirect environmental aspects deriving from its activities, the Management of Cisalpina Tours S.p.a. confirms its will and full commitment to maintaining the Company’s System of Environmental Management compliant to the standard of the certification UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards that Cisalpina has achieved.