Online Booking Tool

Technology is the engine of our work. Cisalpina Tours has chosen to drive continuous innovation in order to give substance to ideas. With the aim of creating the tools of the future, we have set out an internal business unit completely dedicated to ICT, with a skilled team capable of creating and offering customized technological options. Our tech-solutions are structured into complex, effective and tailor-made information tools, created on the basis of the specific needs of our corporate clients. We continue to invest in technology to quickly transform ideas and requests into projects. Our professionals operate in two macro-areas: infrastructures and software applications.

One Click Travel

One Click Travel (hereinafter OCT) is the self booking tool developed by Cisalpina Tours. It can be activated as an optional module within MAP.Web to allow real-time search, booking and purchase of travel services. The OCT module can be a valid, simple and functional alternative to the offline management of your business trips by the BTSC’s operators. OCT can offer many advantageous features, such as the integration with different primary product suppliers (GDS, portals, etc.), Air vs Rail comparison, payment with centralized cards.

The modular experience allows you to have a low impact on company processes and a gradual transition to the online experience, since the passengers and assistants will initially be able to use these simple intuitive modules instead of unstructured emails.


MyTico is a modern and practical online booking tool, capable of providing the Customer with the best travel solutions based on selected parameters, all with just a few clicks. It ensures compliance with the corporate travel policy for each required service, such as legacy flights, low-cost flights, domestic rail  (Trenitalia and NTV), hotels, rental cars, and more. Through a single, simple, intuitive, user-friendly, and highly efficient interface, users access an informative dashboard allowing them to manage the entire trip seamlessly. 

Moreover, additional search and filtering criteria are available for all services, such as flights, including price, duration, waiting times, schedules, layovers, specific classes and carriers, fares, and suppliers, among others. 

MyTico is integrated with all of Cisalpina Tours’ applications and, thanks to the Cisalpina MyTico portal, has been developed with responsive technology. It can an be used on all the latest fixed and mobile devices. 

MYTICO APP is the mobile application that enables access to all the functionalities of the Cisalpina Tours’ MyTico portal from IOS and Android devices. 

The modular experience allows for minimal impact on the company’s processes and a gradual transition to the online experience, as passengers and assistants can initially use these intuitive modules instead of unstructured emails. 

The modular experience allows you to have a low impact on company processes and a gradual transition to the online experience, since the passengers and assistants will initially be able to use these simple intuitive modules instead of unstructured emails.

Travel Portal

MAP Web Cisalpina Travel Portal

MAP.WEB is the Cisalpina Tours portal entirely dedicated to corporate customers. Accessible from the reserved area of ​​Cisalpina Tours website, the portal is a real “hub of functionalities”, with a friendly interface and high-performance technological features: it combines multiple services in a virtual space, specifically designed to support the customer in the management of his trips in the best possible way. The following features are available in a single tool (described in detail below):

    • PROFILE section: it allows you to fully manage the travellers’ personal data by recording their personal preferences.
    • SUPPORT section: users find here every reference to request immediate assistance on portal management.
    • DOCUMENTS section: it contains all accounting documents, account statements and invoices.
    • REPORTS section: it allows to consult and download the full reports of the trips managed.
    • “Alert and Safety” messages for important information that can have an impact on a business trip and the safety of the traveler.

    Saving & Optimisation


    Cisalpina Tours has developed DyOGENE, a powerful tool developed in collaboration with the main global GDSs that allows you to continuously compare the rates booked for your travel to any better condition made available on the market by air carriers thereafter.


    A robotics tool that automatically monitors and rebooks the most convenient airfares with absolute precision and comprehensiveness. It analyzes all the routes already booked 24 hours a day, on a regular basis, in order to promptly identify the cheapest air fares.


    DyOGENE is perfectly integrated with the booking systems of the travel consultants of Cisalpina Tours. It automatically reports to the operator the saving opportunities identified on each pnr. If the report is in line with the company’s travel policy and with the needs expressed by the traveller, it is transformed into a new, more beneficial booking.


    DyOGENE can deliver additional savings of up to 20% on long-haul air travel costs.



    MIA MAP Web integrated Application

    MAP.Web Integrated Application is available for iOS (11.0 and later versions) and Android smartphones. It provides a simple and effective user-interface allowing you to manage your travels.


    • Autologin with Touch / Face ID biometric systems (Excluding customers integrated with SSO)
    • Creation and modification of travel requests managed within MAP.Web
    • Management of approvals and authorization processes
    • Full MAP.Web functional features
    • Simple interface, desktop-application consistent
    • Notification Center receiving constant updates on travel status

    MAP.Web Integrated Application is the new mobile mode to access the Cisalpina Tours portal for your travel management. Thanks to the ability to store your credentials, your trips are at your fingertips


    • Available for iOS and Android
    • Immediate registration
    • Autologin with biometric system
    • MAP.Web like interface

    MAP.Web MAP.Web. Integrated Application provides all MAP.Web management functions on your smartphone or tablet. Similarly to the desktop version of MAP.Web it is possible to manage your own business trips together with those of colleagues and collaborators. It enables to manage authorization processes and consult itineraries and notifications.

    • Travel Management
    • Customer Care
    • Help Desk
    • Itineraries
    • Notifications and updates